Mt. Milligan Gold Mine

Mt. Milligan Gold Mine


Solution Type: Living
Scope of Project: 13,000 square feet
Time To Occupancy: Phase 1 - 5 weeks, Phase 2 - 13 weeks

Gisbourne Industrial Construction was awarded various scopes of work on Terrane Metal’s Mt. Milligan Project, 155 miles northwest of Prince George, and midway between the communities of Fort St. James and Mackenzie, in central British Columbia. The Mt. Milligan Mine will produce an average of 81 million pounds of copper and 194,500 ounces of gold annually over an estimated 22-year mine life. As one of the key contractors on site Gisbourne needed space to serve as their on-site offices as well as a “brown bag lunchroom” to support their workforce. Within five weeks Gisbourne needed their site team up and running. Within thirteen weeks they wanted their full team operational. Williams Scotsman was selected to make that happen.

Due to the timeline and remote location of the site, building new modules was out of the question. We decided to retrofit and deliver existing facilities to make use of readily available equipment. Seven units – totaling 8,000 sq. ft. - were supplied to create a modular office space which would hold 22 private offices, cubicle space, conference rooms, a men’s and a women’s lavatory, and a lunchroom area. The 5,000 sq. ft. brownbag lunchroom was constructed using 10 units and accommodated 200 people. In addition, on-site construction of interior corridors made maximum use of multiple smaller complexes to achieve the total square footage required.

We utilized a two-phased approach to meet major milestones for Gisbourne’s staffing requirements. Within five weeks, we delivered and installed half of the units allowing Gisbourne’s site team to get up and running. Within 13 weeks, the remaining units were delivered and installed.

Breaking down tough projects into phases is our way of setting up space challenges for the knock-out blow. Our living solutions are the reigning champs over temporary, remote accommodations.