Blast Resistant Modules

WillScot makes it easy to keep your people onsite, productive and most importantly, safe. Our diverse fleet of blast resistant modules are easily configured to deliver precisely the specs you need for any sized workforce.

  • Withstand events up to 8 PSI and 200 milliseconds
  • Every unit is Avetta qualified and meets API Standard RP-753 guidelines
  • From single 480 sq ft. units to 2,400 sq. ft. complexes, we have a broad range of units to meet your exact needs
  • Units can be stacked to maximize space
  • Keeps your workforce onsite during meals and breaks, saving time and money
  • Easily placed on any hard surface and readily relocatable


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Your Safety Is Our Business

Safety has always been a WillScot core value. It is a top priority in everything we do – every task we perform, every interaction we have with each other and our customers, and every product we provide. This commitment is how we continue to achieve an industry-leading safety record year after year. This commitment is reflected in our industry-leading total recordable injury rating of 0.80.

Our line of blast resistant modules plays an important role in this culture. Our units are built to be a quickly deployable solution to enhance worksite safety in the most hazardous industries, conditions and blast threats.

Stay Onsite and Stay Productive

If you need to set up a space for workers and contractors in any blast radius zone, WillScot is the only call you need to make. Our units can be outfitted as offices, break rooms, restrooms, locker change rooms, control centers, tool cribs and much more. No more time-consuming trips outside of the blast zone for breaks, meals, meetings or to fetch tools. Your people are able to stay close by and productive, and you’re able to save time and money. Plus, our experts can help you choose and configure the space exactly to your needs.

WillScot's Total Site Solution

For projects in the blast zone and out, WillScot has all the BRMs you need. That includes the largest fleet of mobile offices and temporary storage containers in North America, plus all the Essentials to get your site up and running – all the furnishings, fixtures, tech and anything else you need to make your space immediately functional, so your people can get in and get right to work.

A blast resistant module at a refinery

40' x 12' Blast Resistant Module

Ideal for smaller teams of 8-10 people.


40' x 24' Blast Resistant Module

Comfortably accommodate teams of 16-20 people.


40' x 60' Blast Resistant Module

Provide a safe space for large teams of 40-50 people.


40' x 156' Blast Resistant Module

Teams of 100+ people can stay productive in this unit.


40' x 24' Multi-level Blast Resistant Module

Accommodate teams up to 28 people within a small footprint.


40' x 12' Blast Resistant Tool Crib

Keep your tools nearby, organized and protected in the blast zone.