About this Case Study


From May through September, Rehoboth is a seaside mecca welcoming families from the Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, DC, and Virginia areas. However, the responsibilities of its city government continue twelve months a year. In late 2015, the city decided to demolish its existing city hall office, police station and courthouse (constructed in the 1960s) and build a new state-of-the-art government facility. Where do you house your operations during demo days and new construction? With modular space solutions from WillScot, of course.

The public bid was awarded to us just before Halloween with a completion date of December 10th. Not to worry – we delivered 7,680 square feet of modular solutions composed of a combination of fresh from the factory quadruple wide modular office space and existing Redi-Plex units. Not even negotiating the tight turns in downtown Rehoboth or the Thanksgiving holiday break deterred us from delivering a quality solution on time.


The customer received floor plans tailored to fit all their needs. The complex included offices for important city departments, a lobby to welcome visitors, a courtroom with offices, and a police station with offices, locker room, a holding cell and investigation rooms. Wood skirting, IBC switch back ramps and IBC steps completed the exterior finish.

To ensure their team stays comfortable through the seasons, the city government did sign on for the WillScot’s HVAC service agreement. What impressed the customer most about WillScot? City Manager Sharon Lynn cited our “… attention to detail, professionalism in all aspects of the bidding process, and much appreciated follow up communications and customer contact.” We work hard at making a good impression.