Toilet Trailers

Portable restrooms are ideal solutions for keeping larger teams close to the action, whether you’re at a sprawling construction project or a large event. WillScot offers a range of sizes and configurations to suit any need. And all our climate-controlled toilet trailers offer the same comfort and hygiene that you would expect from a permanent restroom.


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Complete Your Sanitation Solution

Complete your sanitation setup by connecting directly to water and sewer mains, or one of our holding and sanitation tanks. And help your team stay healthy with our hand washing stations. We can even help maintain your restroom with regular restocking and pump out service.

WillScot offers a full range of mobile restroom options, including office trailers with restrooms inside and high-quality standalone restroom facilities. For more basic needs, we also have porta potties that can be placed anywhere on your site. And, across all our portable restroom products, we offer ADA-compliant options if needed.

One call to WillScot and you get functional space fast, so you are ready to work from day one. 

A WillScot Toilet Trailer with a ramp attachment

20' x 8' Toilet Trailer

For small jobs or events, use our 20’ x 8’ toilet trailers that come equipped with two separate ADA-compliant stalls separated by a utility closet. Both are equipped with their own sinks.


32' x 8' Toilet Trailer

Our 32’ x 8’ toilet trailer is perfect for mid-sized events or jobsites. They are comprised of 3 individual stalls and a utility closet for storage. They’re also ADA-compliant and can be customized to suit your needs.


48' x 12' Toilet Trailer

If you need on-site restrooms for your event or jobsite that serve up to 80 people, explore our 48’ x 12’ toilet trailer option, which is equipped with toilets, urinals and sinks and is structured to serve both men and women separately.


60' x 12' Toilet Trailer

Our 60’ x 12’ toilet trailers can accommodate up to 100 people and are the ideal solution for events and worksites. They have both men’s and women’s restrooms along with urinals, toilets, and sinks.


64' x 12' Toilet Trailer

The 64’ x 12’ toilet trailer, accommodates up to 120 people and can be totally customized to suit your event or jobsite. Explore our largest, most versatile portable restroom option.


FLEX Toilet Unit

Our 20’ x 8’ FLEX toilet units are the perfect solution to connect to modular buildings that need restroom accommodations. See how these portable restrooms can complete your modular complex.