About this Case Study


Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics delivers innovative and sustainable global shipping and logistics solutions for manufacturers of cars, trucks, heavy equipment and specialized cargo. WWL operates thirteen terminals and sixty-two processing centers worldwide handling four million units. Since 2007, WWL has operated a now 60 acre state-of-the- art terminal at the Port of Baltimore (Mid-Atlantic Terminal or MAT) which offers a central location that puts more than a third of the nation’s population and industrial plant base within an overnight truck drive. MAT had a work-and-weather-worn industrial/commercial structure that was outdated. Now was the time to expand and upgrade to something that better matched its state-of-the-art operations. As WWL was an existing customer, and WillScot had the perfect solution.


We created a custom 64' x 56' complex utilizing four 14' modular office units. The new complex is bright and spacious and the floor plan features two break rooms, a vendor’s suite, modular administrative offices, one conference room and three rest rooms. Custom transactional windows were installed to create better work flow. Thru wall windows enabled the team inside to communicate with drivers outside eliminating the need for drivers to constantly walk in and out of the office. Interior office windows were used to further open up the office space creating a more vibrant environment without any blind spots. Custom color (painted at the factory) and aluminum ADA steps at the entrance completed the exterior.

Just like Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics and its MAT location, we are flexible, efficient, experienced and can provide custom tailored solutions to solve the toughest challenges.