About this Case Study


WillScot Builds Temporary Administrative Offices for Wacker Polysilicon

Wacker Polysilicon North America needed a temporary facility to house 200-plus employees during construction of its $1.5 billion manufacturing facility in Charleston, TN. With 200 more employees arriving from Germany in a few months, Wacker needed the building operational in little time.

Our team and its manufacturing partners, Diamond Builders and First String Space, built a complex to house the company’s offices, meeting rooms, QC/QA operations, a first aid station and orientation facility. They worked overtime to produce 103 floors while simultaneous site prep was underway. We kept a strict production schedule and ensured uniform building appearance through multiple cross-factory visits by craftsmen, quality control staff and project managers.


Fitting the facility within the lot provided took careful consideration.

  • The roof design used a parapet wall that let opposing roof lines create L-shaped buildings, thus meeting the space requirements based on the customer’s site plan.
  • Exterior components were built to withstand the rigors of a construction environment, and interior components were designed for efficiency and comfort.
  • Once the buildings were onsite, we installed a drop ceiling and floor coverings.
  • Our subcontractors installed the electrical, plumbing, a stand-alone fire alarm system, decks, ramps, steps, canopies and gutters onsite.

Though the project was completed in 94 days, some employees started working in just 45 days as soon as the first sections were completed.