About this Case Study


There were just a few months until the start of the school year. Riverdale Country School, an independent school in the Bronx, required swing space during the demolition of their existing classroom building and construction of the new building. Swing space is temporary space used by occupants that is situated away from ongoing reconstruction or renovations. Wanting to maintain a full class schedule at the existing campus during construction, the school decided to utilize their available ball field for the swing space.

The primary concern for the owner was achieving New York City Department of Buildings (DOB) approval in time to start the new school year. Because of its ability to turn projects around quickly, WillScot was chosen to meet the impending deadline.


To meet the tight project deadlines, we developed innovative contractual terms that allowed us to start preliminary production prior to receiving a final approval from DOB. Route surveys completed for transporting steel beams indicated that the largest trailer delivery could be 32' long and not exceed 12' wide. We chose classroom use. After spending hours on the local roads researching routes, actual bridge height and street measurements, we found a route that would cut delivery trips in half by allowing larger loads to reach the site than previously thought possible.

In addition to the modules, WillScot produced, delivered and installed 10 custom aluminum decks with ramps, four custom steps and two aluminum awnings. Not only did we deliver on time and on budget, but there was also no disruption to the school routine.

Continuity of education is critical and WillScot’s modular units help ensure seamless transitions when additional instructional space is required. We do our homework so our education customers can concentrate on their study plans.