About this Case Study


Penn State University in University Park, PA needed a temporary bookstore while their existing bookstore was closed for a 2-year renovation. The facility had to be easily accessible by students on campus and ready before students returned for the fall semester.


We worked with general contractor Gilbane Building Company and PSU representatives to find an appropriate location adjacent to the existing bookstore. Timing was tight, so a 28-unit modular complex was selected from our existing fleet. The buildings underwent a thorough renovation process. Onsite they were installed 14-units deep by two-units wide to make the most of the available space. The building was structurally reinforced to manage the enormous weight load of the books plus the expected flood of students. The drop ceiling was removed, exposing an overhead network of steel trusses. The 11-foot ceiling creates a more airy feeling throughout the store.

Placing the building on campus in an unused space adjacent to the existing bookstore allowed Penn State and bookstore operator, Barnes & Noble, to keep construction on track when students arrived for the new school year.