About this Case Study


Germantown Academy was set to replace its 50-year-old school building with a new structure for junior and senior high school students. The school needed temporary learning space until the 18-month construction project was complete. It was also important to administrators, teachers, students and parents to remain on site despite the construction.

We worked with Germantown Academy from the early stages of the project to create a temporary modular school that allowed the school to keep its focus on learning throughout the transition. Complete with dedicated walking paths, landscaping and integrated steps and ramping, our Construction Services team and local modular partners delivered Patriot Village.


Based in five adjacent buildings consisting of 66 modular units, the 56,963-square-foot complex was customized for administrative offices, standard classrooms, custom classrooms for specific learning needs, library, computer room, restrooms, and student and faculty lounge areas.

The project was completed in a timely manner giving the Germantown Academy faculty ample time to prepare classrooms in advance of the new school year.

“Our ‘Village’ of classrooms has made our year ‘in between’ buildings feel much more permanent and homey than we could have ever expected. Our classrooms are new, spacious, student- and teacher-friendly and constructed exactly as we had hoped. Our goal of having a temporary space to fulfill the complete implementation of our normal curriculum (including science labs, offices, student lounges, library, etc.) was achieved thanks to the fantastic buildings. They truly are the ‘learning cottages’ we promised our families and not the trailers they were expecting.”

—Rich Schellhas, Head of Upper School, Germantown Academy