About this Case Study


Colorado Academy, a private school in Jefferson County, Colorado, was in the process of having a brand new high school built. They needed temporary space for more than 300 students and office space for approximately 20 teacher and administrators for approximately a 7-month term during construction of the new school.

Colorado Academy needed temporary space for their students during construction. We worked with the school’s general contractor to have temporary classrooms in place and ready for occupancy before the start of the school year.


We met with Colorado Academy, their architect, general contractor and subcontractors numerous times prior to delivery to assist with the permit process, determine the optimum area of campus to install our buildings, and to ensure that everyone agreed on the scope of work for each party.

We provided eight 24’ x 60’ modular classrooms and one 56’ x 128’ classroom and administrative complex. The buildings were prepared at the local branch while Colorado Academy’s general contractor prepared the site. Once the site was ready, our team delivered and set more than 18,000 square feet of buildings, including decks and handicapped ramps, in 43 days.