About this Case Study


The Bentonville Public Schools District began in 1841 as a subscription school and in 1872 the first public school was built. From that single school the district has grown and now covers 142 square miles and its student population is a little over 15,000 children. Eighteen schools currently make up the district: ten elementary, four middle schools, three junior high schools and one high school.

Bentonville High School is the flagship of the Bentonville School District and is responsible for academic well-being of more than 4,000 students. The rapid increase in student population (and at the high school in particular) has challenged the district to meet facility needs and modular buildings provide an efficient way to conquer that challenge yet stay flexible and still ensure an environment that is comfortable, bright and safe.


Based on a long standing and successful relationship with the Bentonville School District, we’ve been called in to support this specific school on several occasions. Serving the academic needs of thousands of boys and girls is a serious responsibility and the flexibility of modular solutions allows the school to be flexible. While the district – and high school - was waiting for the result of a bond issue approving expansion we installed six, state coded 24' x 64' double wides (twice as wide as a standard 12' modular and well suited for classroom use) as well as a latrine trailer. The location the school assigned the modulars was a tight squeeze but working with another one of our customers, Nab Holz Construction, the site work and installation was accomplished within three weeks.

Relationships built on trust are important whether they are between school friends, a school and its students, a community and its school district, an organization and its suppliers, or suppliers with other suppliers. WillScot believes in building relationships and is a company you can depend on for integrity and support. We’ll come through for you time after time.