About this Case Study


The Beaumont Independent School District (BISD) is a school system located in Southeast Texas that provides education for students in grades K-12. The district was lucky to receive additional school construction funding to upgrade and build new classroom facilities at several campuses. At one location in particular, the French Elementary School in Beaumont, BISD needed to lease temporary classroom space, or swing space (space temporarily used by building occupants away from areas that are undergoing renovation or construction), for students and faculty while new construction took place. BISD had an additional request: the temporary facility must be completed before the students returned from their winter break. Due to our reputable service, variety of portable classroom offerings, and cost-effective solutions, WillScot was awarded the project.


The classroom was procured through TCPN, a cooperative purchasing network we have a partnership with. TCPN streamlines the purchasing process for school systems like BISD by leveraging a rigorous competitive bid and best value negotiation process while complying with all applicable procurement statues and best practices.

WillScot delivered a 154' x 68' classroom facility complete with decks, ramps, and canopies that protected the students entering and leaving the building. The final plan included 10 classrooms, two multi-user restrooms, a staff restroom and janitor’s closet. By configuring the modules into one complex rather than individual classrooms we saved BISD both time and money by significantly reducing the cost and labor typically required to install utilities in portable classrooms similar in size and scope.

We did better than meet BISD’s request. The classroom facility was completed before students had left for winter vacation.