About this Case Study


Beatty Development is responsible for developing many properties that people see in Fells Point and Harbor East in Baltimore today including the building WillScot’s corporate headquarters occupy. Beatty needed a marketing “trailer” to pre-lease apartments in the new Exelon high rise in Harbor East. There was limited money in their budget for this so they needed something quick and inexpensive.


The account executive quickly put together a presentation – comparing a typical sales office and our panelized modular FLEX office tailored to their needs - and hand delivered it to Beatty’s office in Fells Point. Although pricing was an issue at first because “it wasn’t budgeted” once Beatty Development saw the FLEX proposal they quickly decided this was the building for them. The typical mobile sales office would not be flexible enough and required too much space on the parking lot site. We were able to fit all their requests – full glass panels, ADA restroom, ADA ramp and custom exterior magnetic signage - into a compact, attractive solution that only took up three parking spaces!

The FLEX solution was built and delivered in two weeks, craned in on a cold snowy morning, and ready for use in just a few days. The modern aesthetics intrinsic to the FLEX product helped win over the customer – along with the persistence and hard work of the WS account executive.

FLEX: compact, easy on the eyes and it gets the job done!