About this Case Study


When a local construction company won their bid to build a new Loews Hotel in downtown Arlington, TX, adjacent to the Rangers’ baseball stadium and Texas Live, the builder had to get the project moving quickly to deliver on time. While exciting, the location for the new hotel presented many challenges, including little space to oversee the project.


As a national account of WillScot Mobile Mini, the construction firm quickly contacted the local WSMM team in Dallas/Fort Worth for a custom modular solution that would better utilize their small job site and help their team get right to work. Following a few meetings with the Construction Services team, WillScot Mobile Mini delivered a temporary 3-story FLEX building solution with a custom-designed floor plan. The 3-story design let the builder fit a much larger office into the tight footprint onsite. The FLEX was then outfitted with multi-story steps, an ADA-compliant ramp and interior restrooms ensuring safe access to the building and a comfortable and productive workspace. The end result was just what the Texas builder’s team needed to finish their project and meet their tight deadlines.