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Wiring your workspace yourself can cost thousands, create delays and damage the unit. Choosing to have your unit pre-wired saves you money, time and hassle.

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A Better Way In Every Way

Everyone’s Productive Immediately

Your people can get on the internet and get right to work, and you can focus on more important things than managing a wire-up.

Costs Are Controlled

We’re much less expensive than hiring a wiring vendor. There’s no damage billing on return. And your own people don’t have to mess with it.

Everything Works

We pre-test every port, so your unit arrives ready to rock. And if a switch fails, we replace it free. No maintenance, no worries on your part.

Your Isp Hookup Is Plug And Play

ISP access points are pre-fitted and ready to be connected on day one. If you have multiple floors, a single demark point can be connected to make your entire space live.