Portable Offices for Any Need!

When your business needs temporary office space, our portable office solutions are the ideal solution. Our mobile office trailers and modular complexes provide a convenient, cost-efficient, temporary office space that scales with the needs of your organization. Our offices are uniquely designed to support Alaska's diverse terrain and are constructed using durable, high-grade materials that meet or exceed local building, electrical, mechanical and plumbing codes. Available in multiple sizes and floorplans, we offer a wide selection of wheeled and skidded office units that meet a variety of portable office space needs. 

Our mobile office trailers and modular complexes:

  • Create a secure, more efficient jobsite for any project
  • Can be easily relocated from one job to the next
  • Provide on-site conference rooms to facilitate face-to-face meetings
  • Offer personnel all the conveniences of a traditional office in a modular setting
  • Furnish on-site working space for subcontractors as well as shelter from inclement weather
  • Are available with private offices and restrooms or as open work spaces

Our modular office solutions are ideally suited for:

  • Jobsite contractor's offices
  • Field offices or labs
  • Training facilities
  • Recruitment offices
  • Maintenance facilities
  • Sales or retail outlet
  • Administrative offices
  • Swing space during renovations or new construction
  • Medical facilities
  • Visitor centers

Available Sizes:


Complete your space by choosing from a variety of our turnkey add-on products and packages, saving you time and money, so that your mobile office trailer or modular complex is ready to work from day one.

At WillScot, our people and solutions are ready to work. So from day one, you too are ready to work.


*Availability varies by branch location. Not all products are guaranteed to be in stock. Products are shown with all available features and may vary. Additional products and features may be available. Contact a representative for more information on what products and features are currently available near you.