From rainforest to sub-arctic regions, Alaska is a vast, isolated area with virtually no infrastructure. Alaska's extreme environment and geography create a lot of unique challenges. Because the western part of the state is only accessible by barge or sea lift, servicing it requires the right equipment, chartering the right transportation and overcoming tides, ice and seasonal extremes. When your business requires temporary office space, storage or modular work camps, no matter the location, WillScot is here to deliver. 

Our extensive inventory of high quality modular solutions is tailored to withstand Alaska's harsh weather and the rigors of operating at remote locations. Constructed using durable, high-grade materials that meet or exceed local building, electrical, mechanical and plumbing codes and supported by the best customer service in the industry, your office, storage or modular work camp arrives promptly to your site, clean and ready to work. As a trusted supplier, we provide innovative and economical solutions to customers of all sizes and in varying industries. From local start-ups to multinational corporations, our lease, purchase and lease-to-purchase plans fit any budget. With a local presence in Anchorage, our team of experts handles every detail so you can feel confident you're receiving a first-rate solution with fast, dependable service. As your needs shift or change, your temporary space can be easily reconfigured, expanded or relocated.

At WillScot, our people and solutions are ready to work. So from day one, you too are ready to work.