44' x 24' DSA Classroom

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In the state of California, our DSA approved classrooms provide a quick economical solution to your school systems need for additional classroom space. Our 44' x 24' DSA classroom provides 960 sq. ft. of educational space, is made with durable, high quality materials that meet national and state building, electrical, mechanical and plumbing codes and is supported by the best customer service in the industry. Standard, DSA approved, floorplans are available to meet your specific educational purpose and the unique space challenges you face right now. We also offer a variety of additional products and packages to ensure your portable classroom is ready to learn from day one.

Consider our 44' x 24' DSA classroom when you need additional instructional space created by overcrowded classrooms, growing student populations, redistricting or shifting demographics. Our 44' x 24' DSA classroom:

  • Offers optimal flexibility and can be easily relocate
  • Creates a secure, effective learning environment promptly and affordably
  • Accommodates teachers, students, or administration personnel
  • Offers cooperative purchasing options to help streamline the procurement process

Our experience working with the Division of the State Architects, construction and bond companies, inspectors, architects and engineers ensures you’ll get the best solution for your needs. Our 44' x 24' DSA classroom can help keep your school system on track and moving forward. No matter what space challenge you are trying to solve, you can be confident our portable classrooms meet your needs.

When you need additional classroom space immediately, count on us.


44' Long including hitch
24' Wide


  • Dimensions
    • Length: 44’ Long (including hitch)
    • Width: 24’ Wide
  • Exterior Finish
    • Wood siding
    • I-Beam frame
    • 5’ overhang at front
    • 2’ Overhang at rear
  • Interior Finish
    • Paneled walls
    • Carpet or tile floors
    • T-Grid ceiling
  • Electric
    • Fluorescent ceiling lights
    • Breaker panel
  • Heating/Cooling
    • Central HVAC
  • Windows/Doors
    • Horizontal slider windows
    • Vision panel doors with standard locks
  • Other
    • Chalk boards, dry-erase boards and tack boards available


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