Security & Public Safety

The business of protecting

As our civilization progresses and technologies become more and more sophisticated the need for security has become a growing concern. Businesses, communities and organizations alike all find it necessary to maintain a constant vigil against those that seek to do harm, steal materials, or obtain crucial information about services, products and people.

What can a mobile office provider do to assist in this effort? Plenty.

Mobile office applications include guard houses, toll booths, command centers, in-plant offices and checkpoints to safeguard all manner of operations. Modular buildings can be configured as detention centers, police and fire stations, and courtrooms. During special events, mobile solutions move in for the duration to provide office space for security personnel, media ID checkpoints, first aid stations, and on-site space to protect high profile visitors from potential high risk situations. Simple storage containers play a role too when they securely house expensive equipment and materials. Want that temporary space ready to work from day one? Choose an office, conference room, workstation, planning, café or entrance package to ensure that space is furnished upon delivery.

Have something worth protecting? Recruit our modular space for your team.

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