Events & Hospitality

The business of hosting

People love to be entertained. Thousands flock to major sports events, tournaments, festivals and concerts. Regardless of what the event is, the common denominator is one of hosting; you are responsible, in some manner, for the comfort, safety, and level of enjoyment experienced by the people travelling from far and wide to be at one place within a specific time frame. This applies to hospitality as well. Your hotel is your guest’s home away from home so it must be a clean and inviting respite in their travels. There are no second chances; first impressions are everything. 

How can our mobile offices support this business of social interaction?

  • By helping you organize your people, your materials, and your equipment – comfortably and safely. 
  • By adding that temporary space for media centers, VIP areas, ticket booths, credential checkpoints, break rooms, security offices, first aid stations, and overall command centers. 
  • By offering hoteliers swing space during renovations that house registration desks, hiring facilities, and administrative offices. 
  • By keeping equipment neat, tidy and secure in steel storage containers so your guests always have a clear and unobstructed pathway. 

Our add-on products & packages make all of these options even more accommodating and ready to work from the start by adding necessary furnishings, appliances and accessories. 

You welcome your visitors. We welcome you to our mobile office solutions. We both understand the importance of customer service.

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