The business of sharing knowledge

Education is an on-going process not exclusive to children. Adults must also nurture new skills. Companies train new employees as well as keep their existing workforce up to date. The common thread is a safe and proper environment that promotes the pursuit of knowledge, and temporary and additional space is often needed to accomplish that goal.

School/college populations can fluctuate from year to year. Daycare facilities might outgrow the building they occupy. Buildings become outdated and require renovations or new construction. Natural disasters can wreak unexpected damage on a campus. Existing locations may not have available rooms that can be dedicated for training purposes, and off-site locations might not offer any at all. All of these instances require temporary space that is ready to work now. 

Our modular buildings have supported K-12, higher education facilities, daycare facilities, organizations and industries with additional space to keep pace with change. Whether it’s planned for in a budget or unforeseen circumstances advance a need to the forefront, WillScot is the trusted source for educators in every stage of life.

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