Disaster Recovery

The Business of Hope

Disasters create an industry of destruction. They are caused by forces of nature, the misuse or failure of technology or the hands of our fellow man. A nation, region, community, business or facility can be impacted by these occurrences for hours, weeks or even months at a time. 

Life does not stand still in the aftermath of a disaster. It goes on, and the daily needs of people or an organization continue and must be met. Delivering vital relief services, establishing a sense of normalcy and planting the first steps on the road to recovery can make all the difference to those who have been dealt a life-changing blow. This could be considered the finest hour of mobile office solutions. 

Mobile offices and the service teams that maintain them do not blink in the face of a crisis; they mobilize quickly and with a quiet determination. Our units are used as command centers, clean rooms, dormitories, critical care or first aid facilities, temporary classrooms, municipal administration offices and distribution centers for essential services. They provide shelter for the homeless as well as much needed rest areas for first responders. For businesses impacted by catastrophic circumstances, modulars can stabilize a situation by offering the space to regroup and plan for a new beginning. We also go a step beyond the space solution by offering essential furnishing, appliances and any other accessory that makes that modular unit ready to work the moment it arrives on-site.

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