The business of building

Are you building, expanding, renovating, restoring, installing, or demolishing? If the answer is yes, chances are your crew needs temporary space for themselves as well as their materials and equipment. We understand construction. This is where it all began for WillScot, and we have well over 50 years of experience to support that knowledge. 

Our construction trailers can be used for managing, meeting, and planning. It’s a dry place to grab a cup of coffee as well as a refuge from challenging weather conditions. It’s an operations anchor within a sea of hard working manpower. Keep it simple by choosing one of our standard floorplans or opt for customization to meet specific requirements. 

Highly functional, tough, secure, and  easily reconfigured or relocated, construction trailers are as important to the industry as its workforce, and that workforce knows they can rely on WillScot.


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