Loyola College

Loyola College


Solution Type: Office
Scope of Project: 4,320 square feet
Time To Occupancy: 8 days

The Student Administrative Services building at Loyola College had not been renovated since opening 38 years earlier, when it served one fifth the current student population. Over the years, as student services were added, they were placed wherever space was available, often on separate floors. To meet the demands of the larger student body, the permanent facility needed to be updated, and Student Services had to be combined on one floor. However, the renovations could not cause a lapse in the services provided.

Loyola College required space to house staff members being displaced by the necessary building renovation. Because of the college’s pressing need to relocate the staff, they elected to utilize multiple mobile offices. Williams Scotsman consulted with the college and proposed an alternative which would provide them with the space they really desired in the mandatory timeframe.

Loyola College chose Williams Scotsman due to the company’s reputation for providing quality customer service, quick turn-around time, and the vast list of options available. Williams Scotsman delivered six Redi-Plex sections, totaling 4,320 sq.ft. and matching materials for the interior in under two weeks time. Customized ramps, decking, and canopies completed the building’s exterior. The tailored build-out was completed in one weekend, ensuring that Student Services ran interrupted. All services were combined in a two-year temporary home, creating synergistic efficiencies between these previously separated departments.

Williams Scotsman delivered quality temporary space, constructed quickly, allowing Loyola to create a convenient, centralized, “one-stop” operation for its Student Services. This solution also allowed Loyola to study the results of combined departments and make appropriate adjustments before moving back into their permanent facility.