Hecla Mining Company, #4 Shaft

Hecla Mining Company, #4 Shaft


Solution Type: Office
Scope of Project: 4,320 square feet
Time To Occupancy: 3 months

Hecla Mining Company, a precious metal producer headquartered in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, operates the Lucky Friday Mine in Mullan, Idaho. Mullan is at the east end of the Silver Valley mining district located in a sheltered canyon of the Coeur d’Alene Mountains at an elevation of 3,278 feet above sea level. Hecla subcontracted Cementation, an ISO 9001 certified underground mine contracting and engineering services company with operations in North and South America, to design and develop their #4 shaft.  This 18' circular concrete shaft is used to support Hecla’s silver production and it is anticipated it will extend the mine’s life beyond the year 2030.

To do their job, Cementation needed a temporary mobile office facility on site for personnel during the mine shaft construction. The facility not only required comfortable and spacious project office space but also had to be completed quickly. Due to our local representation, competitive pricing and expertise providing modular solutions to remote locations, we were awarded the project.

We provided a modular building with a roof to withstand an 80 lb. snow load. In order to accommodate both the timeline and the requested changes to the building’s layout, we worked closely with the factory and customer to ensure both the desired space needs and deadline were met.

The temporary office building, completed in less than three months, features a kitchen, conference room, 18 individual offices, and a bull pen. Once again, modular solutions brought comfortable and efficient work space to those operating in a tough and unforgiving environment. That’s as precious to them as the metal they mine.