Temporary Unit of Action Combat Brigade Facilities

Temporary Unit of Action Combat Brigade Facilities


Solution Type: Living
Scope of Project: 350,000 square feet
Time To Occupancy: 210 days

With 3,800 soldiers arriving to form the new Brigade Combat Team for the 1st Armored Division at Biggs Army Air Field at Fort Bliss, the Army Corps of Engineers (USAEC) was faced with transforming a remote area of land into a functional modular mini-city in 210 days.

This project was the first of its kind due to the size, type, partnerships, and jobsite management necessary to complete it. Each building had to meet specific functional requirements and comply with all state, local and Fort Bliss building codes. Williams Scotsman was one of the modular building subcontractors assigned to The Clark Construction Group. Our modular building team who specialized in government projects was assigned the task of supplying modular office buildings, complete with all turn-key services, from design concept to manufacture to installation through the final punch list.

The challenge was that no single manufacturing firm in North America had the capacity to build 350,000 square feet of modular buildings in 210 days to meet the Army’s requirements. We contracted with multiple modular building manufacturing firms to accomplish this. Our experience with their capabilities meant the right manufacturing plants were constructing buildings within their capability and delivery would be on time and complete. Another plus, our close working relationship and early coordination with the prime contractor resulted in a master plan that maximized our access and availability to the modular building locations. Mike Wozney, project executive with The Clark Construction Group, said, “The accelerated design and construction schedule, along with the built-in quality control systems at each manufacturing facility allowed us to successfully manage the construction project while Williams Scotsman executed the building installations.”

The modular mini-city was completed in less than 210 days. The breadth of facilities included barracks, administrative buildings, headquarters, operations, modular classrooms and laundry facilities. The project received the McGraw Hill “Best in Texas” Award for infrastructure thus validating not only our expertise in large military modular building projects but also our ability to be a subcontractor team player working for an industry leading general contractor.