Canadian Department of National Defense

Canadian Department of National Defense


Solution Type: Instructional
Scope of Project: 9,504 square feet
Time To Occupancy: 3 months

Area Support Unit (ASU) Chilliwack, about sixty miles from Vancouver, was the only Land Force Command Facility in British Columbia and provided logistical and maintenance support for the regular and reserve force personnel. Temporary space was needed for classes as well as change room/shower facilities. The base chose Williams Scotsman modular units as the most efficient solution.

We supplied seven custom built double wides  - units whose width is equivalent to that of two, side by side single mobile units -  for a total of 9,504 square feet. The final plan included three classrooms, two administrative office buildings, a change room/shower facility and a storage building to house supplies.

Within twelve weeks of the initial order, Williams Scotsman fabricated, delivered, and installed ASU Chilliwack’s new facilities. The buildings were all constructed with standard damage resistant corrugated steel exteriors, double glazed windows and end wall mounted BARD HVAC units. The classrooms were fitted with custom IT boxes and projection equipment to expand the classroom’s teaching capabilities. The change room/shower facility can easily and comfortably accommodate 40+ male and female personnel. Custom built wood decks and ramps were the final touch ensuring trips in and out of the buildings are convenient and safe.

Our instructional modular solutions are always ready and able to support the troops.