Redi-Plex Offices

About Redi-Plex Offices

When your business needs larger, more permanent modular office space, Redi-Plex is the perfect solution. We offer a wide variety of flexible, open floorplans that give you the versatility to configure your space exactly how you need it, without having to contend with support columns. Private offices, conference rooms, break areas – Redi-Plex handles it all. Every unit is made with quality materials that meet national and state building, electrical, mechanical and plumbing codes.



Durable, secure and easily configured, our Redi-Plex buildings can be used as healthcare facilities, administrative offices, meeting areas or classroom space. Units are easily relocated or reconfigured as your needs change.



  • 60' Clear span roof truss
  • Suspended acoustical ceiling
  • Recessed fluorescent lighting
  • Energy efficient windows
  • Central HVAC



Our Redi-Plex buildings provide the flexibility to create the exact space you need. Enjoy standard or custom configurations designed to your specifications. Popular options include:

  • 64' x 24' (1,440 sq. ft.)
  • 64' x 36' (2,304 sq. ft.)
  • 64' x 48' (2,880 sq. ft.)
  • 64' x 60' (3,600 sq. ft.)
  • 64' x 72' (4,320 sq. ft.)
  • 64' x 84' (5,040 sq. ft.)
  • 64' x 96' (5,760 sq. ft.)
  • 64' x 108' (6,480 sq. ft.)
  • 64' x 120' (7,200 sq. ft.)