40' x 8' HQ® Office

Experience a new type of container office

Wherever you need a ground-level office, from tight urban settings to rural worksites, leasing an HQ is your ideal solution. Our 40' x 8' HQ Office is engineered to be durable, quiet and energy efficient, and it's ready to deploy to your site immediately.

WillScot never stops innovating better temporary space solutions, and HQ is one of our greatest examples. It’s built on years of research and feedback from customers and experts in construction, manufacturing and more. With HQ you’re getting a ground-level office that’s modern, secure and backed by the best customer service in the industry. We also provide The Essentials to make your space immediately functional, including HVAC, furniture, tech, security and much more.

Our advanced ground-level HQ® offices are engineered to be durable, versatile, secure and energy efficient, making them perfect for tight urban settings and rural projects.


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US 40' x 8' HQ Ground Level Office


  • 2009 IBC compliant
  • Built with safe, non-combustible materials
  • Dimensions: 40’ Box length, 8’ Width

  • Conveniently prewired with 3 phone jacks and 3 data ports
  • PVC flooring over cement-bonded foundation for a solid, clean look
  • Solid 4" steel walls and frame are durable and quiet

  • 7-day programmable thermostat saves energy costs
  • Withstands 150 mph winds, 60 lb/sq ft snow loads, seismic activity to 8.0


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