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8731 Oil Ave.
Williston, North Dakota 58801

Phone: (406) 795-3700

Fax: (406) 795-3706

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Situated above the Bakken Shale Formation, Williston, North Dakota plays host to a rapidly growing energy industry. Oil and gas firms, transportation companies and construction contractors are driving economic progress at light speed.

And our temporary space experts are on the scene to help your business keep pace with demand from day one. We provide a wide range of mobile office trailers and section modular offices where and when you need them.

Plus we can equip your units with the Essentials – everything you need to make your space immediately functional, including furniture, fixtures, stairs, security, tech, insurance and more.

One call to us and we’ll handle every detail, so you can forget about sourcing space and focus on other aspects of your project. Time is money, and we save you both.

We specialize in supporting major energy projects. The shale industry is booming, with oil and gas companies operating at an unprecedented pace to satisfy global demand. WillScot has extensive experience delivering turnkey modular solutions to upstream projects. Give our team a call and let us manage all the logistics from start to finish.

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