WillScot Mobile Office Trailers in Long Island, NY

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280 Skip Lane
Bay Shore, New York 11706

Phone: (631) 582-1320

Fax: (631) 752-9665

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New York City (43 mi / 69 898 m)

New York City South (54 mi / 86 465 m)

Hartford (64 mi / 103 019 m)

Cherry Hill (107 mi / 171 776 m)


From Long Island's central Hauppauge Industrial Park to the eastern vineyards, businesses large and small drive the local economy. Whatever your project, we understand that time is money. And our team based in Bay Shore has the full line of mobile office trailers and storage containers you need to meet your goals on budget and within schedule.

No matter which part of Long Island you're situated, we have the resources to handle every detail. From ordering and delivery to setup and final return.

We can also configure your units with the Essentials. Furniture, fixtures, stairs and more - all designed to make your space immediately functional. Call our team and let our temporary space experts save you time and money throughout the life cycle of your project.

We deliver temporary modular buildings to the mainland, too. If you have projects in Brooklyn, Manhattan or any of the other boroughs, we have you covered. Our team regularly serves customers and provides temporary space quickly and seamlessly throughout New York City. Give us a call and experience the WillScot difference.

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