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Indianapolis, Indiana boasts a rich history of excellence in manufacturing and transportation. To this day, the "Crossroads of America" is home to an array of companies that push the bounds of progress.

WillScot's team of temporary space experts proudly support businesses large and small with a range of modular building solutions. We have mobile office trailers and section modular offices to help you manage construction projects onsite or supervise production facilities.

Plus we can outfit your workspace exactly the way you need it. Furniture, fixtures, stairs, security, tech, insurance - all the Essentials you need for an immediately functional solution. Put our team to work so you can focus on other aspects of your project and deliver even more profit to your bottom line from day one.

We serve customers throughout the Indianapolis Metro Area, its surrounding suburbs and everywhere in between. Your focus should be on what matters most - your business. That's why we also take care of all the logistics. From ordering and delivery to setup and final return. Give our team a call, so you're ready to work from day one.

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