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19 East Lake Ave.
Airdrie, Alberta T4A 2G9

Phone: (403) 241-5357

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Premium Mobile Offices and Shipping Containers in Calgary, AB

Home of The Stampede, and with flourishing energy, film, and tech industries, Calgary is a very desirable place to do business. If you are a new business or trying to expand an established one, you will likely need some temporary solutions for office space and storage as you transition.

WillScot has everything you need to make your business flourish. We offer mobile office trailers in various sizes, as well as storage units for a range of needs. We can provide all your office essentials with one of our office packages, which includes items like office chairs, filing cabinets, and desks. We also have data and entrance packages so you can select an appropriate entrance as well as any electrical and data needs.

We offer our units to businesses anywhere in the Greater Calgary Area, so you can get units for your condo build in downtown, or the business you're starting in Lake Bonavista. We're always happy to answer any questions you have about our units and any particulars you might need. Building something from the ground up is hard work, so let us make this part easy.