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Three Ways Modular Space Keeps Construction Projects on Budget

“Penny wise, pound foolish”

The above quote, attributed to English scholar Robert Burton in 1621, still applies after almost 400 years: skimp now and pay later. 

If you’re new to construction project management and to the value of temporary modular space, welcome! Many have been in your shoes before and most have learned the hard way that unexpected costs can come in all shapes and sizes, and at every step of a construction project. It’s your job to eliminate them before they occur.

Construction projects take many forms: from residential to commercial to public sector buildings – and all the renovations, expansions, restorations, installations and demolitions that need to happen in between. Successfully budgeting for these initiatives requires comprehensive planning, precise labor oversight and ceaseless organization.

Temporary Modular Space Solutions for Construction Projects

With all the costs associated with construction jobs, forgoing a suitable place onsite to meet, organize and oversee your project team might seem like a way to save money. In reality, leveraging modular space solutions can help you keep your project running smoothly, which will save time and money in the long-run. 

Set yourself up for bottom-line success. Consider these three ways temporary modular space solutions can be essential to keeping all of your construction projects on budget:

Minimizing Job Interruptions

Time is money. You can’t afford to track down crews to review plans individually or move to meet off-site. Modular offices give crews and managers a centralized, quiet area to discuss project status and expectations on a daily basis, helping eliminate costly missteps and miscommunication. Customized modular conference rooms provide a central gathering location to facilitate meetings with architects and contractors, so work keeps moving at the fastest pace possible. Modular space is indispensable for project management and architectural plan review, eliminating the need to travel elsewhere by keeping important paperwork and people onsite, safe and accessible. Movable construction trailers can be configured for a multiple end uses and wired for internet and communications for maximum efficiency. WillScot offers several 360˚ Service™ packages for our offices, helping project managers communicate more efficiently onsite, able to interact with vendors and access source materials as necessary.

Keeping Crews Working

You want your crew to be as productive as possible to keep the job humming. Having dedicated staff areas offer laborers shelter from inclement weather and a place to rest so they’re ready to get back to work, minimizing labor costs and overtime pay. Onsite break rooms, lunch rooms, restrooms and other comfort facilities give workers a safe, comfortable environment to rest, keeping them refreshed and engaged in the project. Units can also be configured as first-aid centers to patch up minor injuries.

Securing Valuable Assets

According to the 2015 Kroll Global Fraud Report, more than one-third of all construction, engineering and infrastructure companies have had materials and equipment stolen in the past year. A 2014 study by asset recovery company LoJack estimates that replacing all of the equipment stolen in 2014 would cost owners more than $13.1 million. Modular storage units are secure and heavily fortified, allowing for the safe storage of valuable tools, construction materials and heavy equipment. 

Looking for temporary modular structures to help you complete a construction project on time and on budget? Let us help you. Find out what WillScot can do for you, today!

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