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Storage Containers: A Modest Rental Fee Could Save You Money

Chances are if there is a mobile office parked in a construction zone you will also spot a storage container nearby. The mobile office houses the people, while the ubiquitous box holds tools, equipment and materials. It is the traditional on-site one-two punch.

You may also notice that the supplier signage on the mobile office is not necessarily the same as the one on the storage container. For efficiency’s sake, why not reduce the amount of phone calls, decrease the contact points, eliminate multiple billing points and save money by dealing with one source? Industry leader WillScot is the only modular solutions provider offering a comprehensive program through which customers can order their temporary office space, storage space, furniture and other jobsite essentials in one bundle. This is revolutionizing the approach to temporary space solutions.

These bundles are designed to work in tandem, thereby saving customers money as well as creating a well-organized jobsite. Clutter, in any form, competes for your attention, increasing the time it takes to accomplish tasks and ultimately resulting in decreased productivity and increased stress.

Storage containers are also crime-stoppers. Construction-site theft and vandalism cost companies billions of dollars every year. This does not come as a big surprise to site managers across the country; they deal with this concern throughout the length of every project. The Great American Insurance Group estimates that 90 percent of thefts take place between 6 PM on Friday and 6 AM on Monday. Storage containers can be the deciding factor between having a productive Monday morning versus the worst possible start to your work week.

In addition to using storage containers, there are several proactive measures that companies can take to reduce the likelihood of property invasions. If your budget allows, a dependable security system tops the list. Increased lighting and a fenced perimeter are excellent deterrents. Having one central entry and exit point gives you more control over who enters and leaves the property. Good record keeping and inventory management keeps you on top of exactly what is on-site. Last but not least is the storage container.

One simple, utilitarian box can certainly deliver a boatload of benefits. Those advantages can be multiplied when you add this relatively low-cost rental to your overall bundled modular solutions lease from WillScot. Relying on one provider for multiple needs can save you time and lower your stress level as much as thwarting the plans of would-be thieves, vandals and Mother Nature.

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