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Early to Rise & Ready to Work: A Day in the Life at Williams Scotsman With Steve Hynson

Note to construction project superintendents: If you’re sitting in your truck outside your new worksite at 6:30 a.m. and a stranger approaches with coffee, doughnuts or even a few Maryland blue crabs, don’t get alarmed. It’s probably just Steve Hynson. 

Steve, a WillScot account executive in the Baltimore/Washington area, is the first employee we are highlighting in our new “Day in the Life” series. We will look behind the scenes to see what drives our passionate employees and show you why we value them as much as we do. 

Sales must be in Steve’s blood because he’s been at it since he was 14. And, after working in a few different industries, he has found what he calls “the best product I’ve ever sold.” 

“I went into it very skeptical,” he says. “I came across the opportunity to work for WillScot and didn’t know what they were about.” Now, after seven years, he can comfortably say he plans on retiring from the company. 

A commercial crabber when not at WillScot, Steve isn’t exactly sleeping in on weekends. 

“My body is used to waking up each day at a certain time, usually between 5 and 5:30,” he says. “There’s something refreshing about watching the sun rise, the beginning of a new day, and that’s how I approach every day.” 

Let’s get to know Steve a bit more in his own words:

How does getting up so early help you at WillScot? 
The superintendents are usually the first ones on the jobsite. They’re the ones who unlock the door, so if you can get to them early, before their day begins, that’s the best way to reach them. 

You’re from Baltimore. How does working in the territory you grew up in help you from day to day? 

I know it like the back of my hand. Give me a street name and I can visualize it, so that’s really helped me develop and understand my territory. Also, this business is built on relationships, so having a deep knowledge of the people in this area is really helpful. 

How closely do you work with your WillScot colleagues? 

I’m always communicating, especially with Maria Pashupathi, my inside sales rep. She’s constantly calling me and we’re going over opportunities, new leads – really just keeping the communication open. I’m her eyes in the field and she’s my eyes in the office. We’re like one person. 

And on the operations side, we’re in constant communication on our customers’ behalf. That includes aspects such as pushing through a rush order on a double-wide trailer for an emergency need, or checking on the status of a Ready to Work solution.

How much interest is there in Ready to Work solutions and how do you introduce them to customers? 

It’s something I work on every day with every single customer. Not everyone is aware that WillScot can provide furniture and other items needed to create an efficient space. People usually call us for a mobile office or storage container. They may not realize we can also make the space ready to work from Day 1. Once I explain the benefits, they sell themselves. 

So, with a lot of competition in your area, is Ready to Work a differentiator?

Absolutely. I own a boat and I love to add features to it, just like a lot of car guys love to customize their cars. Customers like the idea of ordering their temporary space and also choosing all the necessary furnishings and accessories that make their workspace complete and productive from one source. With us, they get that – without the delay and cost of having to do it all on their own. They can simply focus on their business.

What does your best day at WillScot look like?

Closing big deals usually takes a long time, with a lot of planning and estimates involved. When I do get the deal, it’s the most satisfying feeling I get in my life. My blood just rushes when a customer says “yes.” 

And what’s best about seeing people at work in the space solutions I’ve sold is that it helps me better understand customer needs. It makes me a better salesman. 

Steve’s passion for sales is infectious, making him an important asset to the WillScot team. 

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