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What Do You Want in a (Modular) Relationship?

You’ve made it clear you need your space. We get it. We want you to be happy, which is why we never take your needs for granted.

For more than 60 years, WillScot has built strong relationships with customers across multiple industries. They depend on us to provide the right modular space solution based on our deep understanding of their business. And they know we don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach. 

When it comes to modular space, all industries share a common desire: quick, reliable delivery. But each industry has a unique set of requirements that dictate exactly what they want from their modular space partner.

Let’s take a look at the industries WillScot serves and what they’re looking for in a modular space relationship:

Construction: A strong foundation

Whether residential or commercial, construction is in our DNA – it’s where it all began for us more than 60 years ago. We know what it takes to manage a thousand moving parts on a jobsite to ensure success on any given project. Construction customers need functional and secure temporary space onsite so crews, materials and equipment can weather anything thrown their way. They want construction trailers set up for meetings, planning, break time and shelter from the elements. We’ve got it covered with standard floor plans or customized options to meet specific requirements. We’re flexible too: Our units can be easily reconfigured or relocated as plans change.

Disaster recovery: Dependability during tough times

Everyday life can come to a screeching halt when a natural or man-made disaster strikes. Modular space comes to the rescue by rapidly deploying command centers, clean shelter and dorms for citizens and first responders, first aid or critical care facilities, classrooms, municipal administration offices and distribution centers for essential services. Businesses affected by disasters use modular for temporary office space while they regroup and continue operations as they rebuild. Comfort and function are key, which is why we offer a full menu of furnishings, appliances and other accessories to help ease the hardship of post-catastrophe life and work.

Education: Willingness to learn

The cultivation of knowledge requires an environment conductive to learning. Clean, safe and functional portable classrooms are the answer when schools and daycare centers outgrow their current space and need to expand, or when businesses need additional training facilities. We offer our education customers a variety of durable modular units that all meet national and state building, electrical, mechanical and plumbing codes so instructional endeavors don’t miss a beat. And our contract with National IPA, a cooperative purchasing agency, allows members in 47 of the 48 contiguous states (excluding NJ) to pay less for our products and reduce administrative costs.

Energy: A powerful connection

With every flick of a switch or press of a button, the ease of lighting up a room or generating heat or A/C can be taken for granted. But it’s no small feat for companies in the business of keeping the power on. The energy industry relies on temporary modular space appropriately outfitted for offices, relay stations, remote workforce accommodations and guard houses. 

Events and hospitality: Always welcoming

Sometimes what goes on behind the scenes is as busy as the action on the field or onstage. The business of events and hospitality requires a wide range of space to temporarily house media, position security personnel, sell tickets, provide VIP areas, check credentials, offer first aid and rest rooms and accommodate guests, not to mention store materials and equipment. First impressions count. Well before the opening kickoff or the first guitar riff, savvy event hosts consult us to set up modular space units with everything needed for dozens of entertaining applications.

Government: Reliable and unyielding

Millions of citizens rely on federal, state and local governments to manage myriad processes and operations. Thousands of public servants and military personnel work at agencies throughout the country, and when a branch of government seeks to build, expand or renovate, modular space is frequently called into duty. Mobile offices and temporary modular units can be rapidly and cost-effectively deployed for training facilities, military bases and other uses, and our long-standing GSA contract saves government clients time and money.

Healthcare: Compassionate and caring

Trust is a paramount concern in healthcare. When healthcare facilities experience growing pains, they turn to us. Healthcare customers rely on temporary modular space solutions when rising patient populations and medical advancements call for expansion, renovation or new facility construction. Temporary modular swing spaces mean administrative operations and vital patient care can continue uninterrupted during campus construction. Our affordable modular units are fully furnished and can be delivered quickly as well as easily relocated or reconfigured to meet the healthcare industry’s ever-changing needs.

Retail: Attractive and engaging

Companies in the business of selling require just the right environment for their goods and services. Whether it’s home sales, a pro shop at a golf course, merchandise at a resort or sports memorabilia at the big game, retailers frequently utilize modular units for pop-up shops or as temporary locations while permanent store construction is underway. Sellers of seasonal merchandise also appreciate the convenience and affordability of temporary modular space. Our reliable and secure storage containers also help manage product inventory and overflow.

Security & Public Safety: A sense of security

There are some things in life that are simply priceless. Others carry a definite price tag. No matter what you want to protect – products, materials, equipment, information or even people – finding the right way to safeguard what you value is essential. Modular space is an ideal solution. Modular units can be specially configured as guard houses, command centers, checkpoints and office space for security personnel. When the need arises, modular space can also be used for temporary detention facilities, police precincts, fire stations and courtrooms.

Transportation: World-wise and well-traveled

A nation’s transportation infrastructure requires frequent maintenance, renovation and expansion. Roadways, bridges, airports and ports are non-stop hubs for travel and moving goods, and they withstand constant wear and tear on a daily basis. Modular goes the extra mile by supplying much-needed temporary facilities such as onsite construction trailers, mobile offices, toll booths, visitor centers, terminal additions and inspection stations. Our custom options, quick set-up and easy relocation mean crucial work can keep moving along – delivering the ultimate in “ready to work” convenience.

Count on WillScot when you need your space. We’re here for you.

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