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Taking Care of Your Modular Building: Spring/Summer

Modular buildings are the workhorses on many jobsites. Whether the unit is used for temporary office space or to store valuable materials onsite, it’s important to have a modular buildings maintenance plan to keep everything in top working order. Damaging ice and snow may be distant memories now, but there are still important steps you can take to maintain your modular building throughout the spring and summer months:

Understand the terms: Read your lease carefully and review the terms with us. Your lease with WillScot includes service calls for repairs resulting from routine wear and tear of the building and equipment, with a few exceptions. Be sure you understand which maintenance tasks are your responsibilities and which ones you’ll need WillScot to handle.

Keep it clean:  You are responsible for routine janitorial services and maintaining the general cleanliness of the unit. During the spring and summer, dirt, mud, pollen and debris from nearby trees and plants can accumulate. Regular dusting and sweeping inside and out will help keep cleanup manageable.

Don’t get waterlogged: Spring and summer can bring heavy rains, so be sure to check regularly for water leaks or any accumulating water in, on or under the modular unit. You are responsible for proper site drainage around the building. If the building has gutters, keep them free of debris. Damage, deterioration or contamination of the unit due to water infiltration or exposure is not considered ordinary wear and tear, so contact WillScot as soon as you suspect any issues.

Be cool:  Keep the modular unit properly ventilated. Change the air conditioning filter every 30 days. Clean the evaporator coil, clear the condenser coil and check and fill HVAC refrigerant as needed. All other air conditioning maintenance should be performed by trained and qualified HVAC technicians only. 

Stay on level ground: The ground under your modular unit can become soft during the spring and summer months. Monitor the ground level under and around your modular unit often, especially in the days following heavy rains. You are responsible for any re-leveling of the building, steps and ramps and/or adjustments to the building steps and ramps that may be needed due to settlement of the ground surface.

WillScot is always on call to help you keep your modular unit in optimum shape to serve your worksite needs all year round. All service calls must be placed within two business days of the occurrence to ensure warranty coverage. Refer to our Service Guide for more modular building maintenance information.

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