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Hurricane Preparedness Checklist: Prepare Your Unit(s) Before and After the Storm

If you’re located on the Atlantic coast, Pacific coast or along the Gulf of Mexico, you need to prepare your unit(s) for hurricane season, which runs from May to November. At WillScot, our passion is to make your job easier any way we can, so we’ve created some guidelines to help you prepare.

Don’t wait to prepare

In 2017, we witnessed one of the most active and expensive hurricane seasons in history. According to Bloomberg Business, the 2017 hurricane season racked up $202.6 billion in damages. Those who failed to prepare were especially affected, which is why it’s so important to plan early. Once a storm is on its way, it’s often too late. Download our Hurricane Preparedness Checklist to fully prepare your unit(s) for the upcoming hurricane season, before and after the storm.

Before the Storm

  • •Document your unit serial number, customer number, WillScot Customer Success Specialist, phone number and email
  • •Secure anchors and tie-downs for your modular unit if it’s not already anchored
  • •Assess your property and trim or cut back landscaping or trees that could become a wind hazard
  • •Reinforce the unit’s exterior, paying special attention to the roof, doors and windows
  • •Remove valuable materials and documents from the unit
  • •Make appropriate arrangements with your insurance carrier

After the Storm

  • •Determine if the unit is structurally sound and safe
  • •Contact WillScot for repairs or maintenance (if applicable)
  • •Protect the property from additional damage until WillScot is able to service the unit
  • •If you plan to complete any repairs on your own, notify your WillScot representative about any work to be done
  • •Wear protective gear, including hard hats, goggles and gloves while performing any clean-up or repairs
  • •Turn off the power and main breaker or fuse on the service panel if any electrical equipment got wet or is near water before starting any work
  • •If you require mobile, temporary space after a hurricane, contact WillScot for temporary office space, classrooms or other facilities

Ready to Work

WillScot provides reliable solutions for all types of mobile temporary shelter needs. These solutions include The Essentials, which covers everything needed to make your space immediately functional, from furniture to fixtures, stairs to security. Our units come to you Ready to Work, so your team can focus on recovery. Browse our modular solutions now.

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We have locations from coast to coast to coast, staffed with experts who are ready to help you get back on your feet. We’re Ready to Work – so contact us to get started.

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