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How to Fix These 4 Problems Disrupting Your Electrical System

Pre-wired fixtures play an important role in the performance of your modular building. Lighting, appliances and computers all need power so you can run your project safely and efficiently from start to finish.

But if your electrical system is suddenly disrupted, you could be left in the dark. Which is not ideal when you have an operation to manage, customers to serve and deadlines to meet.

It’s not always easy to spot and fix issues in your electrical system. In fact, it might even cost you more time and money to try and find the cause.

Let’s explore four problems that can plague your pre-wired setup, and how you can resolve them before they start crippling productivity. Only a qualified electrician should hook up your building and maintain the electrical system. Experts who know what they’re doing will make sure your temporary space is safe and Ready to Work.

None of Your Lights Are Working

When your lights don’t turn on, it’s hard to see. A straightforward problem that’s not always easy to fix. A good place to start is to check if your unit is hooked up to 220 volts with the right-sized wire. If you install a new circuit or rewire an existing one, make sure the size of the wire conductors matches the circuit’s amp rating.

What about the person who hooked up the electricity in the first place? Is he or she a qualified technician? Knowledge and experience matter. You might also want to check if the main breaker and all other breakers are turned on at the central panel. A flick of the switch might just do the trick.

Some of Your Lights Aren’t Working

It’s irritating when some areas of your modular building are well-lit and other areas aren’t. Inconsistent lighting can also strain your eyes over time if left unattended.

Check all the switches to make sure they’re turned on. If they are, then check the light bulbs for two issues. First, whether some may have loosened in transit. Second, whether some bulbs have burned out. Simply replace them in this case. But if your light bulbs are in good condition and still don’t work, then call for service.

Your Lights Are Flickering

Flickering lights – especially fluorescent lights – can strain your eyes and blur your vision. We recommend you resolve this issue as soon as possible. Usually the light ballasts are cold, so flickering should stop after a few minutes. But if the problem persists, call for service. The health and safety of your team come first.

Sometimes both bulbs will flicker within a single fixture. In this case, change each bulb individually by removing and installing a new one. Make sure you also install a new lamp. If both bulbs continue to flicker, call for service.

Your Receptacles Aren’t Working

Check the GFI receptacle in the bathroom if there’s no power. It might have tripped, so all you need to do is reset it. Also check the breaker at the panel box. If it’s on and there’s still no power, call for service.

Sometimes the breaker might be tripping because there are too many cords plugged into the same receptacle, which could overload your circuit. Simply remove a few cords so the breaker can function effectively. And remember that your modular building will only work properly if it’s grounded.

Pre-wiring eliminates the need for installation, which saves you time and money. Our helpful service guide offers tips and advice to ensure your hookup is fully functional, secure and Ready to Work.

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