Williams Scotsman

Everyone Loves Coffee, and Other Lessons in Outfitting Modular Space

There is no substitute for experience, and during WillScot’s more than 60 years in business, we’ve learned that our customers’ needs aren’t just about temporary modular space. What they actually require is usable, customized, near-immediate temporary modular space. Big difference. Empty rooms simply don’t bring businesses closer to accomplishing their goals.

That’s why William Scotsman created our 360˚Service™ program. Decades of interaction with leaders in a diverse array of industries, including collecting survey data on customer behavior and needs, showed us that there are some items almost all our customers want. We learned exactly how different types of businesses make best use of modular, and with that knowledge curated the essentials that make up the perfect option packages.

What clients in all industries have in common, though – other than a love of coffee – is the need to save both time and money. Whether accommodating increased demand, serving as swing space to keep operations going during a renovation period, or any other use, we’ve yet to have a client tell us, “Yeah, it’ll be faster and easier if I source my own desks, seating, monitors, trash cans, electrical outlets, file cabinets and coffee makers separately, and then have them properly arranged in the modular space after you deliver it.”

Modular Furniture Expertise

Leasing temporary space is a new endeavor for many who reach out to us. These clients often don’t know what they’re going to need for their modular units or how furniture and accessories will eventually fit. And if they’ve made the important decision that temporary modular space is necessary, odds are their staff is undertaking some pretty important work. Whether it’s an onsite construction office, a major event ticket office or a disaster recovery center, overseeing furnishings and accessories is one time-consuming task most busy customers don’t need.

That’s where WillScot’s insight and expertise come in. We offer clients the convenience of 360˚Service™ because it makes their modular space truly ready to work on Day 1, with sturdy, cost-efficient, purpose-driven furniture and accessories already in place. And often, that’s just a couple of weeks after initially placing their order.

Here’s a brief look at a few of the different packages we offer, based on everything we’ve learned about customer needs. Each package can be customized for specific requirements, and for many package types we offer three different levels of options, helping customers make quick, smart leasing decisions:


Valuable in just about every industry, our Office Packages feature desks and tables, seating, flat-screen monitors, white boards and storage


Designed to facilitate collaboration, our Workstation Packages include single or L-shaped desks, privacy shields, executive chairs, power strips and office supply starter kits