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Checklist for Preparing Your Mobile Office for Winter Weather

Every time the year draws to a close, wintry weather spreads across North America and creates dangerous conditions. Whether you’ve rented a mobile office trailer or section modular office, preparation is crucial to remain safe and comfortable before, during and after a winter storm. Prepare your mobile office ahead of heavy winter weather with the following checklist:

Before the Storm

Inspect the Exterior

  • Look for air holes, leaks and other exterior damage.
  • Check all seams and trim well before severe winter weather hits.
  • Repair roof seams and caulking around windows and doors to prevent cold air and water leaks.
  • Make sure the foundation under your building is in good condition and drains well to prevent sinking into water saturated or frozen ground.

Keep the Heat On

  • Turn your thermostat down overnight instead of turning it off completely. This will help prevent freezing and reduce the time it takes to warm up again.
  • Change your HVAC filter every 30 days to keep it running properly.

Add Products to Optimize Performance

  • Skirting can reduce the risk of damage caused by severe weather. It also regulates moisture levels and temperatures underneath the unit so your HVAC system is more effective, especially in extreme temps.
  • Baseboard heaters provide additional warmth. They should be considered especially if your area regularly experiences sub-freezing temperatures.

Winterize Unused Buildings

  • Drain all water lines and water heaters
  • Shut off the breaker
  • Back-fill waste traps with anti-freeze

After the Storm

Safely Remove Snow

  • Carefully remove snow from all steps and ramps. Clear snow from around the building leaving at least a few feet to walk around. Remove all snow from underneath the building so it doesn't melt and compromise your foundation.
  • Spread de-icer as quickly as possible to help thawing and prevent refreezing.

Clear Snow from Roofs

  • Pay special attention to the roof of your mobile office when forecasts call for heavy snowfall. Accumulation of snow and ice on roofs may prevent natural drainage, block venting on flat structures, even collapse the building.
  • Clear as much debris, snow and ice as possible from the roof, gutters and downpipes.

When you take the time to prepare your temporary office trailer, you will remain safe and warm throughout the winter months ahead.

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