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5 Types of Projects Improved by Temporary Space

Regardless of what type of business or organization you run, modular buildings can support any project or industry. They’re versatile, immediately functional temporary space solutions that save time and money. Let’s take a look at different ways you can harness the advantages of temporary space to drive productivity throughout your project.

1. Construction Projects

Whether you’re conducting site analyses or managing subcontractors, modular workspace can be used and configured for new build and expansion projects. An onsite sales office or command center allows you to coordinate all project stages while break rooms and safety centers built within a mobile office trailer or section modular office can ensure your workforce has tools and resources readily available.

2. Education Projects

Schools of all shapes and sizes face a range of challenges from over-crowded classrooms to redistricting, to changing demographics and campus expansions. As a result, schools and universities need new and improved instructional space such as portable classrooms that offer an affordable, flexible and immediately functional learning environment for students.

3. Healthcare Projects

Like students, patients need uninterrupted services. But the stakes are a lot higher for people in need of healthcare. Whether you need to expand, renovate or construct a medical facility, space is vital to support patients with ongoing care and treatment. Modular buildings can be easily sourced, delivered and set up to provide temporary swing space for staff and patients equipped with interior and exterior add-ons such as fixtures, stairs, and technology to configure an immediately functional care space.

4. Entertainment Projects

Major cities across the U.S. boast a range of sporting events, festivals and concerts that draw massive crowds year-round and make logistical needs such as security, catering, and hospitality crucial to delivering an unforgettable experience for teams, fans and sponsors alike. Temporary modular buildings are the ideal solution for event infrastructure where and when you need them. They are easy to source, quick to set up and easily configurable. Sales offices can serve as ticket booths or food kiosks while mobile office trailers can be used as temporary medical facilities.

5. Distribution Projects

Housing excess inventory and supplies effectively is critical to keep your business humming. Whether you’re a retailer or construction company, a seamless logistics operation helps deliver profit to your bottom line. Storage containers provide additional space for a range of items – from heavy equipment to expensive tools. These units can be delivered straight to your project site in just days, fully equipped with shelving, security and more.

Harnessing the Flexibility of Temporary Space

Temporary space allows all types of businesses and organizations to focus on what’s most important – their goals. Modular buildings not only solve space constraints but also reduce schedule pressures, improve access to remote locations and tackle unusual requirements. In turn, opening opportunities for you to drive productivity across every stage of your project.

If you’re curious about how your business can benefit from temporary space, then browse our extensive range of turnkey solutions that can have you Ready to Work from day one.

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