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4 Qualities of a Reliable Space Provider

Temporary space solutions are vital to any project when it comes to productivity. Whether it’s a remote mining operation or an on-site retail outlet at a sporting event.

But how can you tell which provider is right for you? There are certain traits that ensure a provider will deliver solutions that are Ready to Work. Not to mention unmatched support for all of your temporary space needs. Let’s take a look at some of the qualities you should look for.

The Provider Starts with You

A reliable temporary space provider has to focus on your needs first and foremost. It needs to understand your project plan, challenges and goals. When the provider takes time to listen, you’re off to a good start.

It’s an early indicator of customer service that’s embedded in the provider’s DNA. At a more profound level, it shows that it cares. You, the customer, come first.

The Provider is Versatile

Temporary space needs to be as ready as you are. Which means the provider must have a fleet of flexible solutions that offer immediate functionality. Take the example of a mobile office, which should be:

  • •Fitted to your project specs – from compact to spacious to stackable
  • •Convenient and accessible – having optional facilities and exteriors that come with multiple add-ons
  • •Naturally lit – featuring windows and doors that allow daylight to permeate your workspace
  • •Climate controlled – incorporating a central HVAC for year-round comfort
  • •Equipped with furniture and fixtures – encompassing a range of workspace furniture, appliances, lighting and flooring options

The Provider is a One-Stop Shop

From building configuration to delivery to setup, the provider should be able to cover every detail to make your job easier. The ideal process should look like this:

  1. It starts with an initial call that allows you to discuss your temporary space needs.
  2. Following the initial call, the provider has enough information to consult with you about fit-for-purpose options and pricing.
  3. Once you and the provider settle on the right solution, delivery is timely and seamless.
  4. Upon arrival, your temporary workspace or storage unit is Ready to Work. Complete with a range of amenities that outfits your space for productivity and removes additional tasks.

At all times throughout and beyond the process, the provider must be available to support you in whatever way it can. From handling any questions or concerns you have to providing on-site service at a moment’s notice.

The Provider Has Extensive Experience

A reliable provider is a trusted source of support with the expertise to match. Consider how much experience the provider has and the number of industries it serves. Not to mention how wide its network is and the capacity of temporary space that’s readily available.

At WillScot, our 1,600 local experts throughout North America have helped us become the supplier of choice for 35,000 customers across 450 industries. Equipped with 48.5 million square feet of temporary space, our solutions cater to any project.

We believe that a reliable provider handles everything so you can forget about the workspace and focus on your goals.

Want to learn more about what type of modular building you might need? Check out this handy article that explains how our mobile office and storage solutions support any project.

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