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Need Space? Consider Buying Used Equipment

FAQ: Does WillScot sell used equipment? It’s a relatively common question and while the crux of our business is leasing temporary modular space, we do offer used equipment for sale. If you’re looking for a flexible, secure and cost-efficient modular space solution and prefer to own vs. rent, our Used Equipment Program is the option for you. We have a variety of used equipment for sale including: mobile offices, section modular offices, sales offices, portable classrooms, toilet trailers, shower lockers and change rooms.

Available at an attractive price and sold as-is, the portable buildings for sale in our Used Equipment Program are perfect for camps, fairgrounds, kennels, parks, racetracks, terminals, landscaping centers, equestrian facilities, farms, marinas, zoos, shelters, warehouses, offices and more! These units have ably served WillScot customers over the years and can now provide you the mobile space you need.

What else should you know about our used equipment for sale?

Availability: As with our leasable fleet, availability varies by branch location. To find out what’s available at your local branch, call 800-782-1500 and you’ll be routed to the location nearest you.

Condition of equipment: The equipment in our Used Equipment Program is sold in “Used”, i.e., as-is, condition. Although these buildings may need a little TLC, they provide an affordable option to those looking to buy.

Warranties: Warranties, express or implied, are excluded from used equipment purchase transactions.

Payment terms: Payment, in full, is due at the time of delivery.

We touched on the reasons to consider renting equipment for your project in an earlier blog but you can apply similar logic to buying dependable used equipment as well. Used equipment can expand your current service capabilities.

- Buying used equipment is affordable and budget-friendly vs. purchasing new
- Used equipment is yours for the long term – no rental fees to consider
- Once you buy, it’s your equipment so you can adapt it to suit your needs/plans

Our Used Equipment Program delivers value at a reduced cost! Who doesn’t appreciate a good bargain? 

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