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Leasing Modular Space: How much does it cost?

Mobile offices, modular complexes and portable classrooms provide a great solution for a variety of space needs. But how much do they cost? 

If you’re new to leasing modular buildings, this may be one of the first questions you have when considering a modular space solution. It’s also one that’s influenced by a number of factors and doesn’t necessarily come with a “one-size-fits-all” answer. 

In an earlier post, we identified the six things you should consider before leasing modular space.

Primary factors influencing the cost of leasing modular space:

Product Type, Size and Configuration

Different needs require different solutions and the costs to fulfill those needs vary by product type, size and configuration. An office that requires a restroom vs. one that doesn’t comes with a different price tag. Similarly, our panelized and stackable offices are priced differently than our more traditional mobile office trailers or sales offices.

Lease Term 

The length of your contract has one of the greatest impacts on costs. When considering modular space it’s important to know how long you anticipate using the unit so your provider can accurately determine the monthly rental rate. Typically, the longer you lease a unit, the lower your monthly rental rate may be. Shorter term leases typically incur a higher monthly rate.


Consider your local economy compared to that of another metro area. The cost of living in Brooklyn, NY vs. Charlotte, NC is drastically different. Those same economic factors play into the cost of leasing modular space.

Supply and Demand

As in other industries, the law of supply and demands applies. Modular space supports a variety of industries and needs and, during peak seasons, availability may be limited. The fewer portable buildings a modular provider has on hand, chances are the cost may be higher and vice versa.


What other items do you need to make your space “ready to work”? Do you have existing furnishings, appliances and other accessories to ensure your space is functional from day one? Whether you have these items on hand or need to procure them, they do make a difference on your total cost. Many of these items can be leased directly from your modular provider and added to your monthly rental rate.

One-Time Charges

Everything we’ve talked about thus far affects your monthly rental rate. But there are also a few one-time charges that you’ll need to keep in mind when determining your portable building price including the cost of delivery, set-up and pick-up.

Understanding the factors that impact costs is an important first step in the modular space leasing process. Whether you're in need of swing space during an office renovation, additional classrooms for growing school enrollments or an on-site meeting space for your construction site, modular buildings can provide the ideal solution to your temporary space need.

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