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How To Functionally Accessorize With 30 Million Square Feet of Space

Pick any room in your home and think for a moment about what it took to make it perfect. How much measuring did you do for that dining room table? Did you remember to grab the HDMI cable (at the proper length) for your new flat-screen or did you have to run back to the store? Did you go the full coffee pot route or opt for an individual pod brewer, and which brand got the best rating at the optimum price?

Now imagine if your job is to properly furnish a home that’s 4,000 square feet in size. When it was done, you’d be pretty tired and you’d also have a good handle on table widths and cable lengths. It’s safe to say you’d be an expert.

At WillScot, we happen to own about 30 million square feet of leasable space. If you can visualize 11 Empire State Buildings in a row, you can better understand the scope that entails. We are experts at identifying exactly what works within modular space as well as what touches complete the outside. Our experience allows us to pinpoint precisely the right space solutions that help our customers do their job efficiently and productively. Whether working with the construction, government, education, energy, healthcare or any other industry, our focus is to provide a total solution that encompasses the space and everything that makes that space Ready to Work from day one. And this total solution can be achieved with just a single phone call.

Having learned what customers require in order to best get the job done, we’ve created specific packages that perfectly fit the space we lease and include all the necessities that enable you to start working in your space the day it arrives. With three different tiers to accommodate varying budgets and needs, we offer packages for offices, workstations, conference rooms, cafes, lunch rooms, planning areas and entrance-ways

Whether it’s desk size and configuration, comfort of seating options or the size of a refrigerator for your staff’s lunchroom, we’ve already spent a lot of time thinking about it. We also have solutions for other products and services such as pre-wiring for data and electrical connectivity, or exterior add-ons such as fencing, window and door security screens, and portable toilets.

These tiered packages absolutely will cover what you need to outfit your space, cost-effectively saving you both time and the headache of getting it right. The ease of our total solutions approach is as satisfying as that warm cup of coffee to start your morning, or the tall, cold one you might enjoy when the day’s work is complete.

At your workspace, let William Scotsman handle it all for you. Life is complicated enough – choose easy and leave all the details to us. Our people and solutions are Ready to Work so that you – our valued customers – are as well.

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