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How Much Do Modular and Portable Classrooms Cost to Rent?

Portable Classroom Rental Cost

The cost of portable classroom rentals vary widely in price based on location, classroom size and the duration of the lease. The condition of the building and the level of service from your portable classroom provider are also likely to affect monthly rental costs.

  • Single portable classrooms can be rented for between $328-$1,425 per month, assuming a 6-month term.
  • Local delivery and return with basic setup and teardown will cost between $198 - $418 additional.

Read on to learn more about the factors that affect portable classroom rental prices.

Portable Classroom

Size of the Portable Classroom

Portable classrooms, also called modular classrooms or classroom trailers, come in range of sizes. Single classroom buildings are commonly 36’ x 24’, whereas 70’ x 28’ buildings include 4 separate classrooms. Many modular school buildings can be connected to form larger buildings and even complete schools. Not surprisingly, the larger the building the higher the rental rate. On the brighter side, pricing per square foot is usually lower.

Length of the Rental Agreement

The length of your lease is also a major factor in determining your portable classroom rental rate. The longer your lease, the lower the rate.

Interior Configuration

The floor plan is another price-determining factor. Most portable classrooms have a relatively open floor plan, so there is room for instruction. But additional rooms and restrooms will add costs above the standard layout.

Interior configuration of a portable classroom

Rental Location

Supply and demand, local taxes, permitting and transportation regulations are some variables that can affect portable classroom rental prices from one location to another. Large metro markets are likely to have greater demand and higher tax and permitting costs, while rural locations will pay less in taxes but more for transportation.

Service Level

Always keep in mind that you’re renting more than the building itself. You’re renting the service level that comes with it. From the leasing process, to delivery, to service calls and, finally, returning of the classroom, better service saves you time and lets you focus on instruction. You can save time and cost by working with a company that can provide steps, ramps, furniture and anything else you’ll need to make your portable classroom ready for instruction.

While budgets are always a consideration, it’s important to remember how the factors discussed here can raise or lower not only your costs, but also your valuable time and effort.

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