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Everything you need to know before your unit is delivered

An “OVERSIZE LOAD” is mounted on an 18-wheeler heading down the highway to your site. 

Before it begins its journey to you, let’s backtrack to the point where you made the decision to lease a modular solution. 

Proper pre-delivery preparation can make the arrival of your temporary space go smoothly and stress-free. 

6 tips to help you prepare for your new addition:

Permits, Please

You are responsible for all necessary permits. Keep in mind that requirements vary geographically, as does the time it takes to secure them. Because of these variables, contact your local building department to determine what is required in your area before purchasing or renting a mobile unit.

Prep the Site 

Your modular solution requires a level surface, preferably one that is hard asphalt, cement, gravel or stone-paved ground. Grass, soil or soft terrain is acceptable but adding a foundation is recommended to avoid sinking issues and to ensure the unit’s weight is distributed evenly. Clear the site of any debris or vegetation on the ground and check that overhead branches and wires are well above the unit’s height.

Make Way for the Delivery Truck

As previously mentioned, modular units travel to your location on 18-wheelers, so the driveway leading to the site should be wide and clear. Trucks usually back into the designated site because most modulars roll off the truck bed, so give the driver plenty of room to maneuver. Experts agree the size of the site must equal that of the unit plus 120 feet of ground clearance to successfully unload.

Make the Necessary Connections

Once offloaded, delivery personnel will block and level the unit, anchor it to the ground and install any ordered accessories, such as decks, ramps or skirting. Consider your modular space just like any other office building – it needs access to water, sewer, electric and gas sources. All of these hookups must be finalized on site in accordance with local codes before a unit can be delivered. Generally speaking, it is the user’s responsibility to hook up all utilities.

Outfit the Inside

What goes inside your temporary space is just as important as the space itself. If you are utilizing tables, chairs and desks from existing inventory, make sure they fit comfortably within your chosen floor plan. WillScot offers customers a curated group of related furnishings, appliances and accessories chosen specifically to work with our modular units. These packages can be delivered with your unit and ensure you are “ready to work” from day one.

Protect Your Modular Space

As part of your lease agreement, you are required to obtain General Liability and Property Insurance. WillScot offers customers a General Liability Program, administered through Allen Insurance Group, and a Property Damage Waiver Program that satisfy these insurance needs. General Liability Insurance protects your financial interests in the event of a claim and covers bodily injury or third-party property damages that may occur while you are leasing or occupying our modular unit. Steps and ramps are also covered when they are installed properly in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications. The Property Damage Waiver Program is not an insurance policy but covers acts of vandalism, fire and natural disasters including heavy wind, lightening, flooding and fallen trees. Talk to your sales representative to determine which option is best for your situation.

With modular solutions, you gain needed temporary space, reduce your stress and become more productive. Thoughtful preparation can save you time, worry and dollars. It’s a perfect pairing sure to deliver the most satisfying results.

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