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5 Factors to Consider in Choosing Your Next Building Contractor

Your company needs a new building. You have a budget and a deadline. Now all you need is a builder. To help narrow your search, we’ve outlined five factors to consider when choosing a contractor for your building project.

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1. On-time Delivery

Delays are expensive. So your deadline is not negotiable. Make sure that when your contractor provides you with a start date and a completion date they can deliver. Do some research on their policies and guarantees. What is their past track record? Have other customers complained about missed deadlines or delays? Do they offer an on-time guarantee? If so, chances are they’re accustomed to meeting deadlines.

2. Reputation & Recommendations

A contractor’s reputation is one of their most valuable assets. If your contractor has an honest and reliable reputation, you can feel confident that it stems from quality work and great customer service. Online reviews on websites like Google and Angie’s List can also be helpful.

Don’t hesitate to ask for references. If your builder is worthy, they’ll be happy to share them.

3. Communication

Decisions need to be made and details finalized throughout the construction process, and within a tight timeline. Open communication between contractor and client from start to finish is essential. If you have questions or concerns, you should choose a contractor who will be available and willing to help you through this process.

4. Quality of Work

Meticulous builders are good. Read the company’s website, talk to previous customers and look at some of their past projects. Examining completed projects is the best way to assess the quality of their work.

5. Customer Service

In the end, it all comes down to your satisfaction with the way the project was managed and the finished product. Choose a contractor that puts customer service above all else. Make sure they listen, understand your needs, and deliver what was promised.

Also, check to see if your contractor employs a third-party company to measure their customer service. What are some factors that you consider when choosing a contractor? Let us know in the comments.

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